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Stars Observatory

Stars Observatory and Moon Park, both at the sole disposal of residents, are great advantage of the whole investment. Closer to the Stars at Mehoffera is the only housing development not only in Warsaw but also in the whole country, where future residents could spend their time and relax.

Observing the sky can be a perfect way to relax and spend time with family and friends. Broadening knowledge in the field of astronomy extends horizons and is a great idea for hobby for the whole family.

In Stars Observatory located on the 4th floor of the residential building in the 1st stage of investment, investor has planned to install a high-class telescope - Celestron NexStar Evolution. It is a technologically advanced device, yet simple to use. Optical elements in the telescope enable magnificent viewing of all types of astronomical objects and can be used successfully for astrophotography.

Celestron NexStar is a key equipment for many astronomy enthusiasts. A stabile and precise, fork-like installation mode enables manual rotation of the telescope without losing orientation against astronomical objects.


Jupiter is the biggest planet of the Solar System and fifth in a row from the sun. Weight of Jupiter is slightly lighter than one thousandth of the sun’s weight and at the same time, two and a half times greater than the joint weight of the remaining planets from the Solar System. Along with Saturn, the constitute a group of gas giants called also Jupiter planets.

Moon Park

Moon Park thanks to its modern arrangement and interesting plants will allow a leisure straight from a distant planet.



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